Because fans should be critical, too

Essays and Rants

A series of different musings on various Avatar-related topics.

The “Avatar” Oddity and my Expectations for this Site

All Work and No Feedback Makes Turner a Dull Boy

Random Thoughts on The Legend of Korra Finale and the Series as a Whole

How the Finale of Korra Ruined the Entire Series

Please Tell Me This is All Just a Bad Dream: Further Disappointment with Korra

The Shyamalan Interview That We All Like to Pretend Never Happened

Why The Legend of Korra Deserves It’s NAACP Image Award Nomination


One response

  1. Will you ever consider making a list of your favorite moments from Avatar? I know you’ve rated the episodes, but maybe the moments too that are lost in the lesser episodes? =)

    January 30, 2013 at 2:29 am

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