Because fans should be critical, too

No Established Deadline for “Frozen” Review (Yet)

There is absolutely no way the Frozen review is going to be done by July 1st, or even in the month of July period. There’s too much to talk about. I criticized Dani Colman’s infamous takedown of Frozen as way too long, and here I am, in addition to breaking down the movie, detailing why no one takes animation seriously, the lack of melodic/harmonic invention in any of the songs, how the film compares to both Tangled and The Lego Movie, how our generation’s current (and creepy) obsession with nostalgia played its part in making Frozen so successful, and other things that probably only interest me. I didn’t intend for it to become such a massive tirade. Frozen just happens to encompass a lot of things I’m passionate about (animation, music, cinematic storytelling, feminism, children’s entertainment, etc.), and gives me the chance to examine all of them through my experience of watching this single film. If anything, this opportunity alone makes me grateful for Frozen‘s existence and success.


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  1. rosemon

    Unrelated to the matter at hand, but after reading this I have to say you are basically right not to care about Korra anymore. It’s clear that Bryke didn’t even put any thought into it.

    June 25, 2014 at 2:52 pm

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