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No Established Deadline for “Frozen” Review (Yet)

There is absolutely no way the Frozen review is going to be done by July 1st, or even in the month of July period. There’s too much to talk about. I criticized Dani Colman’s infamous takedown of Frozen as way too long, and here I am, in addition to breaking down the movie, detailing why no one takes animation seriously, the lack of melodic/harmonic invention in any of the songs, how the film compares to both Tangled and The Lego Movie, how our generation’s current (and creepy) obsession with nostalgia played its part in making Frozen so successful, and other things that probably only interest me. I didn’t intend for it to become such a massive tirade. Frozen just happens to encompass a lot of things I’m passionate about (animation, music, cinematic storytelling, feminism, children’s entertainment, etc.), and gives me the chance to examine all of them through my experience of watching this single film. If anything, this opportunity alone makes me grateful for Frozen‘s existence and success.


Taking Official Hiatus from “Korranalysis” to Do “Frozen” Review

There’s no point in having everyone wait for something I’ve yet to find motivation to finish. As such, the Korranalysis will be officially put on halt for a while.

Why? Frankly, I’ve become more interested in Frozen, that little animated film that doesn’t seem to be leaving the public consciousness anytime soon. The paradox is that I can’t stop thinking about the movie even as I have absolutely no incentive to ever watch it again except for reviewing purposes, and what fun is that? Maybe it’s a good movie, maybe it’s not. Maybe it was a big step for feminism, maybe it wasn’t. Maybe I’m just getting old and cannot begin to understand my generation’ s attraction to this movie. Either way, it’s a phenomenon worth looking into. Who knows, maybe a more careful analysis will sway more over to the other side. After all, this entire Avatar: the Last Airbender review site was founded on a passage from a book called How the Beatles Destroyed Rock ‘N’ Roll that stemmed from classical pianist and historian Charles Rosen:

“…one of the things that makes it hard for us to appreciate new and unfamiliar styles is that they demand that we accept no only sounds that are strange to us but also the absence of qualities that we consider necessary… ‘The appreciation of a new style is as much an effort of renunciation as of acceptance.’ “

I was able to do it for Avatar (and the Beatles, for that matter, whom I intentionally hated upon first serious listen; what a fool I was!), why can’t I do it Frozen? Of course, in the case of Avatar, there was less of a populist incentive: Avatar, as far as I can see, remains a very minor footnote in the public consciousness, whereas no one seems to be able to get away from Frozen and it’s self-prophetically catchy tunes. Admit it: not a single song in Frozen is remotely memorable or original on purely musical terms; it’s the bone-headed lyrics that have seeped their way into the psyche, as evident by the numerous parodies of “Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?” and “Let It Be.” (For the record, the same charges can be held against The Lego Movie‘s theme song, “Everything is Awesome,” except in that film’s case, the idiotic catchiness was part of the joke and message, and not merely an end in itself as the songs in Frozen were.)

If there are any conclusions or speculations I can draw at this moment, it’s that Frozen owes much of its popularity to Tangled. Perhaps people regretted not seeing that flawed, but charming film in the theaters when they had the chance, and decided not to miss the boat with Frozen. Or maybe the female-centric interactions and thematics of Frozen had a much wider appeal than the broad, almost ironic comedy of Tangled. I don’t know. That’s why I’m making the video review. Hopefully I can have my thoughts and ideas together in time for a July 1st release?