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Part Two of the “Korra” Video Reviews Is Up

A few things you should know before watching Part Two:

  • It is long, long, long. I apologize, for I should have been more diligent in the writing process.
  • This is merely a summary of Book One, so it is not very analytic as other parts will be.
  • The video will likely be blocked in a month for copyright infringement. Considering that the claim isn’t true (for one thing, I don’t intend to make any money from this) and they chose the most arbitrary spots to call dibs on, I’m disputing it. I probably won’t win (so it goes), so enjoy it while it lasts. (Please let me know immediately if there is no video behind.)

Announcement: Regarding Part Two of the “Korra” Video Review…

The video is pretty much finished, but I’m still putting a few finishing touches on it. I’ve truly underestimated how much time and effort this would take, but rest assured, it is getting done. My aim is to put it up within twenty-four hours or less. Thanks for your patience.

P.S. The first video is perfectly divided by those who like it and those who dislike it (according to Youtube accounters). I honestly have no idea whether that means I’m doing a good job or not.

– Marshall Turner

Is It “Avatar: the Last Airbender” Or “The Last Airbender?”

Maybe I’m just being petty, but it really bothered me that Michael Dante DiMartino, when referring to his own show Avatar: the Last Airbender (in relation to a podcast that talked about it), called it The Last Airbender. Hell, it bothers me when anyone refers to the show as The Last Airbender.

For the longest time, I’ve been calling the show by it’s full name Avatar: the Last Airbender, only shortening it to Avatar further within written articles because that’s proper English etiquette. If I were ever to refer to those other Avatars, I would just say Avatar for the James Cameron film, or The Last Airbender in reference to the M. Night Shyamalan travesty. (Also, I don’t like abbreviations that much, so you’ll never see me write ATLA or LOK in any other post.) In casual conversation, I tend to say Avatar: the Last Airbender whenever I am referring to the show, The Last Airbender when it’s about the film, and Avatar when it’s about the Nazis.

Is this petty? It’s certainly a hassel, but I don’t think it’s petty. It saves for confusion at least. So for DiMartino to refer to his own show as The Last Airbender (that film neither he nor Bryan Konietzko will ever discuss in public) is terribly confusing and careless.

I don’t know. The whole name dilemma has been maddening since both James Cameron’s film and M. Night Shyamalan’s film came into being. So perhaps that’s what’s troubling me. But what about you? Is this silly title debate really worth getting worked up over? (Let’s not forget that The Legend of Korra‘s name changed about three times before Paramount finally cleared the rights for the title Avatar.)

Announcement: Part Two Video Review Update and Blog Maintenance

The next two months will be devoted to completing these Korra video reviews, so once again, don’t expect too many substantial posts in that time. Part Two will hopefully be posted on Friday March 22nd.

Also, given how long this blog has been running, it’s rather embarrassing to come across typos, missing pics, and incomplete pages. So I will also attempt to go back and fix these numerous problems to make for a slightly more professional-looking blog. Sorry for the inconvenience.

– Marshall Turner

First “Korranalysis” Video Is Up and Running

Here it is. I hope it’s worth your twenty minutes. At the very least, watch it before it gets taken down and give me your thoughts and criticisms thus far. They’ll be greatly appreciated.