Because fans should be critical, too

Announcement: Delayed Postings and a New “Korra” Page

It’s finals month here at college, and that means dedicating less time to this blog and more time to actual school work for the next two weeks. Normal reviewing may resume in May, but until then, don’t expect the usual every-three-days reviews that I tend to do; new reviews will be updated very slowly.

Also, since The Legend of Korra has been out for some time now–I just saw it when it premiered, despite it being available on iTunes before that–I might as well give my two-cents on it. I’ll have to create a whole separate page for these thoughts and observations when I get the chance, preferably before the third episode this Saturday.

As for the first two episodes, I’ll only say this for now: “Welcome to Republic City” was decent enough, while “A Leaf in the Wind” was fantastic. More details will come when I can find time to put my thoughts together.

– Marshall Turner


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